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Is there a cost to bring SciHigh to my classroom?

No. SciHigh covers the cost of all materials for the demonstrations.

What time of day can SciHigh visit my classroom?

Any time of day is fine.  However, if your school is fairly far away from downtown Toronto, it’s preferable not to request a visit for the early morning.

What do I need to do before my visit?

Nothing.  Once the details of your visit are arranged, the volunteers will contact you to confirm the details and to get any required information regarding school entry procedures or the place to meet you upon arrival.  The volunteers will take care of the rest!

How many volunteers will come visit my classroom?

We typically send 2-3 volunteers on every visit.

What should I expect from a visit to my classroom?

It varies. Given the diversity of our volunteers and the presentations we may present in your classroom, the style and content of each presentation may differ considerably from visit to visit. Typically, however, we split a classroom into small groups of students who are then led through hands-on experiments by our volunteers. After a brief presentation on the material, our volunteers focus on one-on-one interactions with the students, which is the real emphasis of SciHigh.

Can I request a different demonstration?

Of course!  We are always eager to expand the SciHigh repertoire of experiments.  Please contact us with a description of the experiment/demonstration you’d like us to add and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

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